The reason I’ve created this blog and decided to share my story is two-fold.

Firstly I’m writing it to help me process the journey that I’ve been on and still travel today. It’s a way to collect my thoughts, deal with my grief and to build a new understanding of how life works.

“A problem shared, is a problem halved” – Proverb. The existence of God is a massive topic to ponder upon and I want to engage with the wider community as I do it. Living in an isolated bubble is dangerous.

Without contradiction, delusion grows.
— Unknown.

And secondly, I decided to share my story and doubts to encourage others to question things too.  My journey has brought up many red flags about the belief in God and the Christian faith, and it really hurts to see others fail to see or recognise these issues as they live out their lives.

I’m not saying I’m perfect or have found THE way. I know from past experience that it’s foolish to say I have certainty in what is true.  And I'm sure that some of what I currently believe is most probably wrong too!

So this blog is here to help me and others refine what we believe to find a more accurate and real truth to live by.

Christian fundamental views.  Atheists are open to change.